Sending it for Sarah

Sending it for Sarah!


Saturday February 2nd 2019 @ Blue Mountain Resort

Our Mission

To honour and continue the legacy of Sarah Burke. Equality for all women in sports. 

Sarah was a trailblazer, a pioneer of her sport and an inspiration to thousands of women. Every woman in freestyle skiing owes something to Sarah; she fought hard for equality and proved to the world that women deserve a place on the half-pipe and slope style. Without Sarah, Women's Halfpipe Skiing would have never been in the X Games or the Olympics. 


Our goal is to introduce new girls to the world of action sports each year in a fun and positive environment, while honouring the progression of the sport. What started off with 20 girls in the inaugural year has already tripled in size within its first two years. We also hope to  raise as much as possible for the Sarah Burke Foundation. 


The inaugural year for Sending it for Sarah! The first year hosted a girls ride day followed by an evening rail jam for both men and women, where equal cash prizes were awarded.  A total of $3,600 was raised for the foundation. 


Sending it for Sarah! tripled in participants who ranged from age 5 to 55. Roxy donated a full year scholarship to the girl who best embodied the "Spirit of Sarah". A total of $7,500 was raised for the foundation. 

2018 –

In the third year, we grew to a new location at Blue Mountain Resort. Our biggest year with 85 ladies ages 2-60. We Raised $9,100 for the Sarah Burke Foundatin  


Bringing the event back to Blue Mountain, we hope to not only increase in size but hit the goal of $10,000 for the foundation. 


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